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Brainwash Audiobook: Retrain your Brain in 21 Days

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Are you tired of micromanaging your day and still chasing everything from deadlines, money to your calm?

"Your audiobook has given me new and positive focus, a behavioral boost, mental growth and courage." -Deirdre Vrancken, Cape Town, South Africa

"Brainwash is great. The bite-sized daily challenges enabled me to really try the tools without getting lost. Usually I try to do all at once and burn out after 4 days but not with Brainwash. - Susanna, Munich

What happens when you combine the wisdom of the ancient G(r)eeks, the teachings of the Dalai Lama and cutting-edge science? You get Positive Psychology: the discipline bringing you time-tested and scientifically backed up tools for meaningful happiness. Kristen Truempy, Master of Science in Applied Positive Psychology and creator of the Elle Magazine featured Positive Psychology Podcast, created Brainwash for all those who can't meander the streets of Athens philosophizing about life or meditating for 40 days and 40 nights.

As someone (name dropping quotient alert!) has wisely said: insanity is doing the same thing over and over again (wanting to sleep or exercise more but never getting round to it anyone?) and expecting a different result. So let's stop that and try something different.

This is where the Brainwash audiobook comes in: it breaks down the science of realistic optimism into bite-sized skills that we inject into your every day life. You will learn to become aware of automatic negativity sucking the joy out of your day, respond optimally and build new constructive pathways. We will talk about hurdles you will face, the antidotes to overcome them (one tool is not soo scientific but deeply gratifying), a dose of daily habit science and frequently recap material from previous days. The tone is friendly and informal as this is what I wish I could have given to my loved ones going through a hard time. Brainwash is a systematic approach to retraining your brain so you can stop sabotaging yourself and rest centered in a realistically optimistic view of yourself and the world, no matter what is happening around you.

That's kind of like having Arnold Schwarzenegger as your older brother when you're being bullied at school. Except your bully is not at school but in your brain (but not for much longer).

Download Brainwash now and inject 21 Days of calm, gratitude and warmth into your day (even if you tried meditation and it wasn't for you).


Foreword 00:00:09

Introduction 00:04:38

Day 1 00:10:40

Day 2 00:16:29

Day 3 00:22:08

Day 4 00:29:50

Day 5 00:36:34

Day 6 00:43:00

Day 7 00:49:46

Day 8 00:57:37

Day 9 01:00:55

Day 10 01:07:16

Day 11 01:12:38

Day 12 01:17:02

Day 13 01:22:20

Day 14 01:26:06

Day 15 01:31:36

Day 16 01:36:23

Day 17 01:41:06

Day 18 01:44:16

Day 19 01:48:17

Day 20 01:54:39

Day 21 01:59:54

Outro 02:02:56

Acknowledgements 02:03:35

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Brainwash Audiobook: Retrain your Brain in 21 Days

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